2013 MMM Proceeds Announced!

I am so proud to report that Bridges Mentoring earned $3,075.00 in “ticket” sales from the four “Marvelous Mentoring Meal’s” that were hosted this year! A HUGE thank you to our hosts: Randy & Sandy Norby, Bill & Brenda Weber, Dar & Joyce Ruehlow, Karen Kasel, Ken & Diane Emerson, Herb & Jody Wright, Keith & Adriane McKinley, Jon & Ardi Gisleson, Troy & Darri Rinnels, and Kiersten Kisner!! Great work!

I am currently looking for people to host new events for the 2014 year. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested! Our Annual Omelet Breakfast is on Sunday, November 10th so I’d like to have it posted by then! Thanks everyone!!

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