Bridges Is A Comment For A Cause Recipient

p1150878We’re honored that Beth chose us as the recipient of her blog’s September “Comments for a Cause.

Beth is a Mason City resident who writes the blog It’s Just Life: Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary.  Each month, she features a charity organization to which she and her husband donate fifty cents for each comment someone leaves on her blog.

50 cents per comment!

How cool is that? In July, she raised $240 for The Davidson Centre for the Professions and in August, she supported Mason City’s Northern Lights Alliance for the Homeless’s efforts to build a women’s shelter all through Comments for a Cause.


During the month of September, you can raise money for Bridges by leaving a comment on any post in Beth’s blog. All funding will support our efforts to match school-aged children with mentors in Mitchell County, Iowa.

Beth updates her blog almost every day with encouraging and random content about all aspects of life. You’ll have fun reading it and can easily leave a comment by scrolling to the very bottom of each post. Look for this box and comment away.

Comments for a Cause Box

If you have Facebook or Twitter, you can log in by clicking on the icons. Otherwise, enter your email and name so that the computer knows that you are a real person, not a spammer.

Thank you for commenting for Bridges!

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