What Have Our Mentors & Mentees Been Up To This Past Month?

Fall is upon us.

We’ve had a busy month planning next year’s activities, coordinating our Bridges Speaks trainings and launching our new fundraiser. Our mentors and mentees also have busy summers and just transitioned back into school and extracurricular activities. Still, they always seem to find ways to connect with each other. Here are some of the fun activities they did together this past month:

  • Attended a Vikings practice in Mankato, MN.
  • Visited the CRC to use exersize equipment & play raquetball
  • Partipated in Bridges’ Well Aware Wellness event & cyberbullying workshop

August Bridges Events Collage

  • Went golfing (SunnybraeAcorn Park offer a generous discount for mentors who take their mentees golfing. Contact us with questions)
  • Prepared caprese salad with summer tomatoes
  • Visited the Mitchell County Fair
  • Volunteered at the Kiwanis BBQ at the first Osage home football game.

Kiwanis Collage Edited

  • Biked to Subway for supper
  • Got pedicures
  • Picked out a bulletin board for the mentee’s room
  • Played at the local park
  • Played board games
  • Finished building a bean game game. These mentors noted how diligently their mentee worked to produce these stunning boards. 

Board Game Project

  • Swam at the CRC
  • Picked and prepared sweet corn
  • Baked zuchhini brownies
  • Helped a mentor with a bridal shower decorating project.

Bridges mentors and mentees enjoy a wide variety of activities, from special outings to board games at home. We encourage our mentors to simply invite their mentee to join them in every day activities.

How is your school year beginning? We love hearing from our mentors, families and community members. Contact us at anytime. We are always happy to connect.

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