Craft and Cooking Ideas for March

Craft and cooking projects are some of the most popular activities our mentors and mentees enjoy.

Our mentors and mentees often embark on adventures to the community pool to swim or the local movie theater. They’ve also been known to ice fish and snowmobile. However, they often enjoy just spending time together at one of their homes, catching up over dinner or board games.

Spring is coming, even if it doesn’t look or feel like it. Whether this Midwest weather hits the 40’s again soon or drops another blizzard, we wanted to share some seasonal craft and cooking ideas for both inside and outside days.

Here’s what we’ve pinned recently:

North Iowa’s recent blizzards left us with more than enough snow. Last Thursday, we received over a foot! If it’s too cold to make a real snowman outside, try this indoor game.

All you need is some disposable cups, construction paper and glue and balled up socks. Stack up the snowman cups and see how many your child or mentee can knock over.

Let’s pretend it is warming up outside. Make paint out of Kool-aid and pour it into squirt or spray bottles for painting the snow. The yard is your canvas.

This article suggests 12 craft ideas for boys, though we think they’d also be fun for girls. We especially liked the colorful superhero masks and paper plate marble tracks.

Two interactive ideas include the everyday item of painters tape. Try constructing this giant spider web and make a game of throwing balls of paper into it to see how many stick.

You can also go Mission Impossible style by using painters tape and yarn to construct a laser obstacle course. Challenge the kids to try to complete the course without touching any yarn. As the photo demonstrates, a banister would make this activity easier to build.

Those who have read Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie series may remember when the family makes sugar on snow by pouring the maple syrup directly onto the snow creating candy.

Some of us have tried this and felt disappointment when it just didn’t work, but the trick seems to be in reducing the maple syrup. This recipe explains how to make a perfect maple syrup taffy that will transform into candy when it hits fresh snow. Might as well use the snow to our advantage.

Having a day where you are just done with winter? Maybe these watermelon cupcakes will do the trick. The idea of watermelon-flavored cupcakes might sound strange, so don’t worry. These just look like watermelon. The vanilla cake is colored a rosy pink and dotted with chocolate chips. The green frosting really makes them pop.

Is there something cool that you just created? Let us know and we’ll share it so others enjoy a new activity. Find more ideas on our Pinterest Boards. 



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