What Have Our Mentors & Mentees Been Up To Lately?

Each month we enjoy sharing examples of our mentors and mentees’ activities. There’s a lot going on in Mitchell County and they never run out of ideas.

For youth, the most important thing is simply spending time with their mentors. We encourage new mentors to invite their mentee to join them in everyday activities such as preparing dinner or assisting with pet care. Now that the school year is in session, many of our mentees are busy with athletics so their mentors often attend their games. Here’s what they’ve been up to this fall:

Rae Anne Alyssa Cookies

Jay Pedelty Lecture 2

Gwen with finished basket cropped

  • Helped mentor shop for wedding planning supplies
  • Helped build a cabinet
  • Exercised and swam at the Cedar River Complex in Osage.
  • Decorated pumpkins

If you have any questions or concerns about mentoring in Mitchell County, contact us at any time. We’re always happy to share activity ideas with our mentors and mentees. Keep us updated about upcoming events as well as your favorite crafts and recipes.

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